Storytelling Refresher Course.

O’ Donoghue’s Pub
Every year I go home I always arrange to meet my close friends at my favorite pub in Dublin, O’Donoghue’s Pub.  The advantage of this is getting a refresher course on how to tell a good story from my mate Niall. He always starts with the greatest opening line “Wait ’till I tell yah…” 
Marisa took the pictures below and those are actual quotes I remember from various tales of his. There have been times performing in NYC when I’ve been working on a story and thought – How would Niall tell this story?  It’s always good to relearn the importance of telling a good story on these nights out. You’ve never heard of him but to be honest you’ll find him and many more like him in every pub you walk into in and around Dublin.
“Wait ’till I tell yah what happened while you were away…”
“…surrounded by police on the roof of the post office armed with a hammer calling the local radio station on his phone”
“…running through the hay fields he looked down and realized his feet were on fire”
“Ronny Drew is playing the guitar and under his breath calls me a bollox” 
“…so I climb up onto the shed and try to climb into the bathroom window but then realize I wasn’t even at the right house”
“…and so that’s part of the reason why I was never asked to anymore company wine tastings” 
“My dad’s drunk but he takes out his Uilleann Pipes and tries to play them anyway”
“Take off yer shirt and show us yer body she says to him”
“I was passing the second floor balcony when I realized I’d fallen off the roof”
Marisa & Niall Post Story – O’ Donoghue’s Pub 

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