Rehearsal #4

Last Thursday’s rehearsal was a lot of fun. Daniela was an hour and a half late due to work which turned out to be a blessing. Leslie and I were able to work on ‘Everywhere’, a very old song that I had not got a chance to write out the music for. Leslie is classically trained whereas I am self thought which always makes for some interesting exchanges.

– It’s ‘C’ but up a bit and there is this thing, wait, that, what is that Leslie?
– So it’s a C seventh minor.
– Yeah sure okay, that and then this but it’s also a little over here too.
– What’s the bass note?
– Um, this?
– Oh so it’s not a ‘C’ it’s an ‘F’.
– Okay it’s in ‘F’ then.
– Sigh!

Leslie really done her homework this week and had worked up some amazing piano pieces for ‘Everywhere’ and ‘This Grenade Will Love You’. ‘This Grenade Will Love You’ and ‘Wherever We Are’ are standing out as the stronger tracks. They definitely are the songs we enjoy playing more.

I think that after this E.P. is done, if Daniela and Leslie are still willing to record music we will see a more collaborative effort being made. It will be interesting to see how this band grows over the next year or so.

After this rehearsal the lesson learned was: Whiskey brings out the best in everyone. Fact.

Supersmall’s Official Whiskey


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