Infinite Companion

I had a bunch of plans for Sunday, most of which was to work on material for Supersmall. Unfortunately the sorry sight of this guitar (Yamaha F-310) crumbling away in the corner won over my heart. This guitar has immense sentimental value to me. When living in Perth, Australia I found it in a pawn shop for AUS$50 dollars. It helped me get through some long periods of unemployment and horrible temp jobs. I wrote songs on the balcony and kept the neighbors awake with drunken singing at night along with my mate Stephen. Upon arriving in Melbourne I started playing in bars and venues around the city. It was dropped, stood upon, kicked, punched (frustration – knuckle print still visible) and had beer spilled on it but it never let me down. I bring it everywhere, it is my infinite companion. It needs some serious work but I patched it up for now, unfortunately it cost me most of my Sunday.  
Well Travelled & Abused – Working For Now.
Some Art Festival in Melbourne

Post Free Concert For The Neighbors.

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