I went for a long walk this evening for some much needed exercise and ended up at a local guitar store. I cut straight to the high end section and played every single acoustic guitar they had. The Gibson J45, Hummingbird, I even tried a Taylor or two but my favorite remains the Martin. I play a Martin DCME but they don’t make them anymore, discontinued. I fell in love with a Martin HD28 Dreadnought. The smell of the wood, the feel of the fretboard and the weight of it, beautiful. I played it for about twenty minutes not realizing I had gone into my own little world and was singing out loud. Customers came and went but I didn’t care.

I remember when I first started playing I sang with my eyes closed for most of a gig. I hated performing to be honest but I always loved the sense of achievement afterwards. Conquering shyness, a total lack of confidence and zero self esteem. This evening I was singing like I owned the bloody place. I’ve always used music to be somewhere else, that’s the great thing about music. I’m here but I’m not here, and now it seems I can do it with my eyes open.

Martin HD28

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