Not Quite Obnoxious Enough!

Somewhere on our road trip from Canberra to Sydney, Australia we decided to take a detour and visit the Blue Mountains. A really nice place to get a photo some people told us along the way. I had purchased my first ever proper camera some months back and was determined to take as many a fine a picture I could on my travels. It really was an amazing scene. Beautiful.  
Lovely stuff, got my Kangaroo skin hat on and everything!
Then I spotted this particular rock formation jutting out over the plain below. It was famous for looking somewhat like a face. That’s when in all my youthful inexperience I thought of an even better photograph to take at the Blue Mountains. 
I have an Idea…
I ran over to it, climbed to the top and posed for what I thought until I developed the film was the best ever photograph ever taken at The Blue Mountains by anyone, ever. See below:
Obnoxious, arrogant and somewhat unsettling. Oh to be young and stupid. I really thought I was the bee’s knees. 
Don’t ever tell me growing old and wiser is a bad thing.

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