Diner on The Edge of America

Once a month I meet up with two good friends of mine for coffee. We always meet at the same diner, same time and sit in the same section. Michael is a fellow Irishman and an incredibly talented stage actor while Jeff is what I would consider one of the funniest comics I’ve ever met. I love our coffee meet-ups, we talk about anything and everything. As the youngest and least experienced I’ve learned a lot from them both over the years. I’m very lucky.   

The last time we met up I noticed a photographer outside the diner taking photographs. He was there for the entire evening but I paid him little notice. Tonight while having coffee the same photographer approached our table upon recognizing us. He showed us the below photograph which is part of a project called Diner on The Edge of America. Kinda cool methinks. It was a very random and lovely end to our evening. 

I love this kind of inside outside image that for me gives you the increased feeling of being there…it’s like the city is seeping into the diner…into the thoughts of the people inside…the city and the people are never separate not in New York…never in the Diner on the Edge of America – Jez Coulson.

Check out Jez Coulson’s website here for his photography.

3 thoughts on “Diner on The Edge of America

  1. Hey Colin nice to meet you :-)) and nice to see this pic on your blog :-)) hope you are having a brilliant time over the holidays :-)) Seasons greetings to you and all your mates :-)) I wrote a little about photographing and meeting you guyz on todays post over on Jezblog and linked to your blog :-))


    Have a good one mate hope to see you in the diner again soon Cheers Jez XX


  2. Hi Jez,

    It was lovely to meet you too. I read your post on your website. I'm glad we could connect. I am having a fine and relaxing time over the holidays and I hope you are too. I'm sure I'll see you at the diner again sometime, next time come over and say hi. I wish you and your work all the best and much success in the future. Take care-Colin


  3. Fortunate Mr Dempsey immortalised by the legend that is Jez, and the image certainly evokes the aroma of the diner and makes me want to cross the ocean to NYC. Wishing you a happy, safe and fruitful New Year.


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