New York Storytelling

New York Stories is a BBC article written by Amy Klein that has been doing the rounds since yesterday. It gives a lovely insight into the New York Storytelling scene and the producers of the many shows mentioned have understandably been very happy about this and quit rightly so.

Due to my obsession with arriving up to an hour before performing I often get to see these people put in the hard work required in setting up their shows. And believe me it is hard work. Real Characters Storytelling, The Liar Show, Sideshow Goshko, and The BTK Band are just some of the shows I’ve performed on that got a mention and it has always been fun and rewarding. They’re also very nice people too (If you are not a performer I’m afraid you will not grasp the importance of this last sentence).

In short, I’m very happy that they got a deserved mention.

Another show from the article is the one I’m on next, so please come out on Saturday, April 20th @ 8pm as I’ll be telling a story based on Science Fiction on The Story Collider.

Also, Saturday, May 7th at 6pm on The Liar Show at the Cornelia Street Cafe.

Click HERE for the BBC Article. 

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