Jalopy Theater Jalopy Thunderbird

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to get to perform at the Jalopy Theater and School of Music in Brooklyn. It is a theater I had heard great things about from previous performers. The show itself, The Outcast Spectacular, was produced and hosted by The Bitter Poet and was billed as a night of Improv, Music and Freaks. I was playing my music at the end of the show so I got to avail of the free beer before hand, modestly of course. I thoroughly enjoyed all the other acts and The Bitter Poet, who I had done many shows with before, injected much humor between setups. My portion went well, I had fun. What more could you want?

The space itself like many other Theaters I have performed in New York was a hidden gem. Antiquated, rustic, and filled with old school charm. I played some toilets years ago and this was far from it. After the show I began my trek home to Astoria with my guitar but not before spotting a 1961 Thunderbird parked outside on the street. I got my good friend and fellow performer Sharon Spell to take a snap. The car fitted in perfect with the venue. Old but loved and carefully maintained. They don’t make them like they used to.

Jalopy Theater is at 315 Columbia Street between Hamilton & Woodhull, Brooklyn, New York.

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