Walking Home

Photographs by C. Dempsey
Music “Walking Home” by C. Dempsey

On days I don’t cycle to work I will walk the 5 1/2 miles home through the back roads of Queens from Maspeth to Astoria. I always carry my camera and often stop to photograph anything that catches my attention. Yesterday I walked home and couldn’t get a song out of my head. I decided to record it and put up a bunch of random pictures I take on my journeys. I also added three or four snaps taken at random while out walking elsewhere.
I’m finding it hard, particularly with the current hot weather (hot for an Irishman) to be creative after a days work. For this song I literally picked up the guitar and just played. No polish, no neat edges.
A song, like an idea, a joke, or dialogue for something I am writing can plague me, going around and around my head until I write it down. Then it’s gone forever, never to be heard again. This song is on my blog and I know I will never play it again.

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