The Macho Errand

I was at Pepboys Auto picking up my car today after leaving it in to get a state inspection. I stood at the counter as The dreadlocked boss from Jamaica slowly and calmly walked back and forth observing his staff. The guy helping me seemed to be filling out enough paperwork to allow me kill someone, mutilate their corpse and then open up a childcare center above a razor blade factory.

A small grease covered Bon Jovi-esque mechanic hobbled in from outside and placed a bag of KFC on the counter for the guy helping me. He checked it, and immediately went in a furious rant over his order being wrong. Little Bon Jovi claimed again and again that he gave the correct order. “Bullshit man” my guy cried. After a long back and forth, Little Bon Jovi slumped off dejected and embarrassed after having an entire Pepboys grind to a halt over his apparent lack of ordering abilities. He disappeared into the workshop to work on a car’s brakes, airbag or something.

The Jamaican boss walked over and calmly said to my guy, but also for me and everyone else in the store to hear his golden nuggets of hard earned wisdom……..”Never send a boy to do a man’s job”

To my surprise my 18 year old bucket of bolts passed inspection.

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